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Mouse study sheds light on maternal infection, autism link

Autism researchers need to actively connect with public

Obesity during pregnancy may not boost child’s autism risk

Reading remedy prompt brain dialogue in children with autism

U.S. revives failed autism study amid lingering skepticism (picked up by Autism Speaks and MedPage Today)

Baby sibs show hints of autism before symptoms surface

Extra-thick connections mark brains of toddlers with autism

Questions for James McPartland: Biomarkers for better trials

When they move, people with autism discount what they see


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Study estimates basic lifetime autism care at $1.4M (picked up by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Mentally ill Philly man leaves prison after seven years of waiting for a trial

Check Up: Harnessing humor to cope with cancer

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation makes epic changes in health funding

New law aims to fight tick-borne diseases in Pa.

A world-class viewing party for World Cup drama

David J. Baldwin, former advertising directorphoto (6)

Disappearing ink

A brainy TV show comes to the Franklin Institute

Cooking to combat youth obesity

Beyond pharmaceuticals

Unscrambling autism laws

Drexel duo developing drug to stop cancers’ spread

Dialysis at home makes inroads

Dye offers hope for removal of all traces of tumors

Taking a look at anxiety in autism

O’Brien vows to improve services for autistic Philadelphians



BWF award helps researchers unravel neural patterns behind learning


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The Broken System of Science in America

Women in Science, Limited Edition

Inside Out: How Implicit Bias Can Lead to Discrimination

Serial: The Storyteller Inside the Story

The Trouble with Academese in Science


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Infected mind: A rare autoimmune condition spurs controversy, forges new frontiers

One hundred years young: Frank Booth’s vision for a healthier America


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Under The Microscope: Frank Booth and the ‘Exercise Apex.’



@PLOSNeuro #SfN14 highlights: Gut Microbes and the Brain: Paradigm Shift in Neuroscience?

@PLOSNeuro #SfN14 Preview: Microbiome Galore at SfN 2014



IMFAR 2014: A Refreshing Refocusing


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What is the correlation between specific drugs ingested by mom’s and their infants?

Why do we dream?

What exactly are migraines?



In the Face of Climate Change: Integrate, Collaborate and Engage

Laureates Bring Discussion Back to the Science

Feeding the Poorest of the Poor, One Dried Fish at a Time

Anticipating Shocks, Evaluating Resilience in Developing Countries


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